Crack in the Road

Things that make you go woah.

 SBTRKT has made it back into my good books. Not that he was in my bad ones – my ears just got so saturated with his sound it became way too familiar, and the album a little too catchy on repeat listenings. What I forgot was his brilliant, brilliant production skills when not trying for an album. And delightfully, he has chosen to show us all en edit he did of one of the best tracks from one of the greatest albums released this the year – the album being Room(s) by Machinedrum, and the track being U Don’t Survive (returning the favour after the latter’s remix of Look At Stars).

And wow does he juggle around with it. Unabashedly using his signature production all over this joint he manages to pull a sure-fire doozy; never detracting from the original. If anything, it’s enhanced. I can’t much describe it in words – I’ll try…it’s like someone tasered Machinedrum‘s original……ahem? To put it frankly, this may have been the best reinterpretation of someone else’s work he, SBTRKT has put his mind to. Check it out.

Listen to SBTRKT’s edit of U Don’t Survive below.