Crack in the Road

Everyones favourite psych-folk weirdos Woods have decided to cover one of the truly best Christmas songs of all time (in my humble opinion).

The original by the Vince Guaraldi Trio was part of the album A Charlie Brown Christmas – everybody must remember Charlie Brown and Snoopy, right?

Anyway, Woods have done a perfectly fitting cover in time for the holiday season. And never have I heard such a grateful Christmas-themed cover in respect for the original(s) since…Weezer‘s Christmas with Weezer? Admittedly, Mayer Hawthorne did cover this same track last Christmas (using the original instrumental), but this new one really does take the (Christmas) biscuit…

Okay I’ll stop. It’s the end of the article anyway.

Listen to and download Woods’ cover of Christmas Time Is Here below. If you don’t like it, you’re a real Scrooge.