Crack in the Road

As if Machinedrum couldn’t kill it any more this year.

The Brooklyn producer released Many Faces last year on LuckyMe, announcing his comeback and cementing him as a significant face on the bass scene. Then he only comes and releases a terrifyingly top-marks album on Planet Mu, called Room(s), a recent critical hit with his mate Braille as their Seplacure project on Hotflush, and a not-ready-for-this underhyped single on LuckyMe (that was Alarma). Not only has he done this, but he produced the hot-as-shit Azealia Banks track we covered just a week ago.

This run he’s got going doesn’t look to be letting down, as shown from clips of his new release on LuckyMe, due next week (29th). Ignoring the brash “LUCKY ME!” promo shouts/whispers, you can preview the EP below. And it looks to be another hip-bopping housy affair. Let’s hope this guy doesn’t have a heart attack soon: electronic music today would have a massive void to fill.

Listen to clips from SXLND below.