Crack in the Road

So it seems Oneman‘s signing is somewhat in love with his surroundings, considering he’s entitled his new track Room 502 (after his label 502 Recordings).

It’s great to see smaller labels popping up under these economic conditions, especially good dance labels. Fis-T is probably best known for his minor club hit Night Hunter, which was a BS-free shock to the system for angsty dubsteppers, constructed with a gargling of bassline at its core to produce something no-frills and purely atmospheric.

This new track seems African-vibed, UK Funky rider, but with the great industrial sounds everyone from Jam City to Becoming Real seem to be championing. If this is the direction 502 is going – hoping Fis-T is still with them, and following some great tunes from Finland’s Teeth and France’s Jay Weed – then I’m loving it. A consistent but very minimalist banger is on our hands…

Listen to Room 502 below.