Crack in the Road

Machinedrum delivered one of the most surprisingly mature outputs of his career earlier this year, and when I heard he was releasing a new record (read: debut album) with his mate Braille, together known as Sepalcure, I was thirsty for more.

As I’m sure everyone else was.

Sepalcure, together with guys like FaltyDL, Egyptrixx, and XI, show how the some guys in North America are lightly tugging at our thunder and making even catchier house/light dubstep hybrid than a lot of the stuff we spit out over here. ‘Anything you can do’ kind of approach I guess.

This is the duo’s third and best release so far on Scuba‘s Hotflush Recordings, and they’re certainly proud of this one, as you can see by this fanciful vid. Don’t ask me what the heck is going on though, narrative-wise – to me it seems like Von Trier was asked to direct an M&S advert but forgot to put some food in it. Either that or a post apocalyptic Wimbledon…see what you think though:

Watch the video for Pencil Pimp below. Pencil Pimp is out now on 12″/download via Hotflush, and their self titled debut is due November 21st on CD/LP/download.