Crack in the Road

It’s been a good few months since Frank Ocean dropped his ‘Nostalgia, Ultra’ Mixtape. In the time that’s gone by the Rn’B game has changed drastically; The Weeknd, How to Dress Well and The Dream, (to name a few), have continued to expand the genre is ways few could have anticipated.

For a while many assumed that Ocean’s next release would release with a similar business model, however after his recent inclusion in the Watch the Throne LP, a free Mixtape seems more and more unlikely. Regardless, Ocean continues to commit to his early material. This video for ‘Thinking about you’, an early demo for Bridget Kelly, is only the newest example of this.

Made by High5Collective, this bizarre surrealist story takes the essence of the track and runs with it in the most bathetic and poignant of ways. It even includes a cameo from Ocean himself.

Stream the video below.

Frank Ocean – Thinking About You (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.