Crack in the Road

Always full of surprises, Kate Bush has announced a full album of original material to be released in the same year as Director’s Cut, a warm and endearing collection of wildly different re-recordings and re-imaginings of work from The Sensual World and The Red Shoes.

The new studio album, 50 Words For Snow, is out on the 21st of November, and will be the first studio album Kate Bush has released since the critically acclaimed Aerial in 2005, as well as the second release from her own label, Fish People. There’s not much out there to give any indication of the content and style of the album, but if the 65 minute running time and 7-track listing is anything to go on, it’s likely to be one of her most experimental and exciting works to date.

Track listing:

Lake Tahoe
Snowed In At Wheeler Street
50 Words For Snow
Among Angels