It’s been quite a year for Newcastle based five piece Let’s Buy Happiness.

With the groups’ reputation in the North East well and truly established, they’ve set about forging a name for themselves around the rest of the UK, including shows at Kendal Calling and Liverpool Soundcity. Now, with anticipation at an all time high, Let’s Buy Happiness have unveiled their third single, the epically vibrant Dirty Lakes which is sure to have you cavorting in your hi-tops.

Coming across like a twee Metric, lead singer Sarah Hall’s vocals are impeccable, whilst the authoritative percussion section grounds much of the track. With previous singles Six Wolves and Fast Fast already released to critical acclaim, Dirty Lakes look set to further the career of this exciting young band. Check out Dirty Lakes below, released 26th September via Let’s Buys Happiness’ own label, Ghost Arc Records.

Let’s Buy Happiness – Dirty Lakes by letsbuyhappiness