Crack in the Road

Artwork by Rosanna Webster

Erik David Hidde is a name that has been featured on the pages of CITR more than you perhaps recognise. He’s not only the man behind up and coming New York based label, Housewarming Records, but also the musician working under the name Not a Thing to Believe in; two entities that have featured on this site heavily.

His new project, Beater Ban, comes from a different angle entirely when compared to the souring yet deadpan sounds of Not a Thing to Believe in. It’s an eerie combination of sounds that seems to aim to move as well as disturb. At least in short hand, the music could be described as ‘Witch-Hop’. Ambient beats and tripped out synths form the backdrop for Erik’s creepy little alter ego as he spits his inner demons, with blissfully unaware synth work obliviously playing amongst the chaos. An interesting reinvention.

I See You Call I Don’t Answer by Beater Ban