Introducing: Actress

Darren J.

Cunningham, co-runs London record label Werk Disks and also makes his own music under the moniker Actress. Actress first gained a small amount of attention when he released his No Tricks EP back in 2004. After spending a long time writing and promoting his label with influential and important releases from Lukid and dubstep producer Zomby, he finally released his debut LP Hazyville with very high expectations. Although lacking a little in variation, the ambience drenched LP was a short but defining record, clearly displaying Actress’ talent in making original and interesting music.

Soon to release his second album entitled Splazsh, Actress has built a fairly large buzz. Releasing two tracks with Zomby on his blog, an EP entitled Machine and Voice on NonPlus and the single Paint, Straw and Bubbles which includes and remix from Zomby and the album track Maze. For me, the highlight of these releases is Maze, an instantly addictive track built on a base of brutal pulsating synth and a stunning hook that immediately demands your attention, layered with rhythmically arranged bleeps and clicks.

Actress will soon release his second album Splazsh on a date currently unknown.