Crack in the Road

Morgan Hislop, the drummer from Tropics, is continuing his transformation into an incredibly exciting electronic artist. Following his recent collaboration with CitR fave Cholombian, we’re ecstatic to have the premiere for his remix of Blondie’s classic ‘Heart Of Glass’.

The track is almost unrecognisable from the New-Wave original, the drums click and stutter, while the bass thumps contrapuntally underneath, giving the song a club-happy vibe. There are even hints of steel drums in the background.

Debbie Harry’s vocals are warped and twisted enough that the melody from the Blondie version is close to unidentifiable. Instead of usinga long sample of the singer, Morgan Hislop takes a snippet of her lines and morphs into a sinuous and alluring pattern that seems to float over the song.

On top of the sheer quality of the song, you can also download it here for absolutely free. Sometimes, we’re just too nice to you. I’d also recommend giving Morgan Hislop’s soundcloud a visit and checking out some of his other tunes. Enjoy!