Crack in the Road

We’ve been repping Cholombian over at CitR Towers (how I wish that was an actual ‘thing’) for some time, so I lept at the chance to premiere his latest collaboration with Morgan Hislop of Tropics. The pair have put out a couple of tracks before, the excellent ‘Versace Talons‘ and ‘Brittany Murphy‘, with the latter track receiving some substantial buzz, including being on THAT Ryan Hemsworth FADER mix.

The two artists pick-up where they left off with ‘They Leave Me and Say They Can’t Love a Girl In a Gang’. The track begins ethereally, clipped vocals looping around a percussive rhythm, before it begins to unfurl and slowly bloom. You can hear elements of Evenings oozing out of the song, but, where the aforementioned artist lets his tracks roll in a cyclic motion, Cholombian & Morgan Hislop subtly introduce different elements, lending ‘They Leave Me and Say They Can’t Love a Girl In a Gang’ a laid-back sense of propulsion.

As the track evolves, the pair move away from total ambience and bring club-esque sounds into the mix. There are snare clicks that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Lil’ Wayne freestyle cut and an elongated, high-pitch synth that rises like a siren over the song, nestling alongside the intimate and shuffling percussion.

Basically, it’s a fantastic tune that takes influence from a variety of places, while retaining a core sense of originality. Grab yourself a pair of headphones, stream it below, or download it here, turn up the volume and let ‘They Leave Me and Say They Can’t Love a Girl In a Gang’ wash over you, then do it again. And maybe once more when you get in from your night out. Happy Friday folks.