Crack in the Road

So that lad Monster Rally is back again with a second full-length – entitled Beyond The Sea and due June 19th on Gold Robot Records – and has kindly upped one of those tracks for us to download.

Once again touching on repetitive sample-layering, somehow his technique forming coherent tracks that work best when played back-to-back: an insistance, in todays “shuffle ‘n’ skip” society, to hear the whole work to build up an atmosphere that requires patience. Saying that, it’s pretty casual listening, almost like glorified lift music – not in a negative way, mind. There’s something meditative about the way the producer over-repeats the same sample, as if the record is stuck, intensifying your listening upon each repeat.

I say all this, then I give you access to download a standalone track – though maybe it will sway you to listen to more, or to buy his album in the summer. Enjoy.

Cop the track Jaguar below. You can also stream it. Fancy that!