Crack in the Road

I may have not given Gang Gang Dance‘s newest album Eye Contact enough attention, but they’re still a great band.

I just can’t take them seriously since that track with Tinchy Stryder. You know the one. That’s not to say it’s a bad track either (in fact it’s my favourite track on Saint Dymphna) – but more to the point, they do attract talent of a similar certain calibre.

Since releasing this new one, they’ve been remixed brilliantly by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, and now LA-based trendy duo NGUZUNGUZU have had their turn – and the lovely folks at 4AD thought they’d treat us for free!  The duo really are converging with the distinctive Night Slugs sound, thanks to their dabblings with sister label Fade To Mind (run by the excellent Kingdom, of all people). The remix is unmistakably catchy, turning the original into a chopped-up tribal drum infestation with retro sampling, vocals hopping about playfully, and the usual necessary amounts of ‘n-tsh’ house percussion. This is a great little footstepper, layered and sequenced as acutely as any of NGUZUNGUZU‘s own productions. Cop this one yo.

Stream and download NGUZUNGUZU’s mix of Chinese High below.