Crack in the Road

Been sitting on this one for a day or two, letting the rad soak through – Italian Beach Babes are onto a winner with these guys, and they’ve been right before (Mazes, Eagulls, Dirty Beaches, Sealings).

These dudes from Brighton did release a tape with the label before, but this new demo removes the jaw from the skull (pardon the metaphor).

Short but sweet, this is the kind of violence that could give a girl a boner. Starting off sounding equal parts garage reverb and thrashing guitars, you could be forgiven for not expecting much from the first 20 seconds. Remember what your mammy said though: don’t judge a book and all that. Let this ruckus into your earholes and set fire to your firstborn thought. That’s all I gotta say. It’s some bloody promising stuff from one of the greatest DIY’s labels out there. If you hadn’t realised by now, these are Boneyards.

You can stream Passed Out below. Then you can download it, and listen to it again. Then show it to your nan.