Crack in the Road

Slugabed is one of those loud, erratic producers who you could imagine never blinking and just living off ear-piercing noises (ironic considering his sloth-like moniker), so I was surprised when he released a couple of surprisingly tame EP’s on Ninja Tune recently.

What I remember of him is intense, head-crushing 8-bit noises – the kinda stuff that’d drive your parents Jack Torrance-insane. Luckily, according to a recent announcement, Slugabed‘s gonna give us all a weekly advent calendar treat of an old unreleased track of his. And this is the first – another track about kittens by another hip-hop-head. Suck this, keyboard cat.

Stream and download Kittens below. Moonbeam Rider EP and Sun Too Bright Turn It Off EP are available on 12″ and download now via Ninja Tune.