As if you need reminding about Halloween.

Call me a muggle, but it’s worse than Christmas for needless celebrating. From having snotty nosed kids in soiled bedsheets knocking on your door, to teenage girls donning miniscule shorts, bunny ears (rabbits are NOT scary) and acting even more frivolous, I’m yet to see the excitement behind ‘modern’ Halloween. However, one positive aspect to have come from the deplorable occasion, is the way in which musicians adopt a more traditional approach, choosing to air their darker sides through their favoured creative medium.

This new track from Miami duo RIVKA is a gloriously, dare I say, haunting affair. Sounding like a walk through a deserted neighbourhood in the early hours of the morning, Sun Shadows is atmospheric, brooding and most importantly, so much more than just a cliched Halloween track. So, leave your miniskirt behind tonight, refrain from playing Thriller, do something a little different and let Sun Shadows be your soundtrack.