When I think Comme Des Garcon I don’t see a generic man, I see Rei Kawakubo with her sticky out bob and her body dimorphic clothing.

I see tartan and opposing patterns. But 3 days ago a new collaboration project was launched, featuring The Generic Man shoe company and their effortless modern takes on classic ideas.

Using their simple design philosophy “our footwear exudes poise and individualism and enhances, rather than dictates, the wearer’s innate sense of style”, they have created a new range and a short film. An interesting ideology, which does seem to fit that of Reis who chooses to change people body’s shapes and create odd looking things far from the classic eye. The pair has released a short video campaign that is based on the famous nouvelle vague (French new wave) 60s film “two or three things I know about her” concentrating on the cafe scene. The whole thing makes for a bit confusing but pleasant experience; you don’t even need to know they’re trying to selling shoes.