Crack in the Road

The award winning design team ‘Artefact’s’ have created one of the most exciting cameras I have seen in a long time. My friend Sam was talking about a concept camera that had detachable lenses, which could keep shooting once detached.  I’ve been searching the Internet for a while and now I have found it. The camera combines that of wireless phone technology with a fully working SLR camera. Leaving the user the option to detach the lenses making it fit in small places and take more obscure pictures believe.  As well as this feature, it includes an editing program so that you can edit your photos on a massive screen on the back of the camera as you go, or in postproduction.  Another cool feature is the Internet link being able to send photos directly to face book and a couple other websites.

This would be perfect for fashion photographers on the go. check out the video bellow.

Concept Camera: The WVIL from Artefact on Vimeo.