Ok so its not your average fabric and most of you are probably like, “its about to be winter why the fuck would I be surfing” or “ I already know about those stupid neoprene laptop cases everyone’s got”, but the fashion industry have taken it a bit further with a new trend in the fabrics use.

  Designers like Raf Simons, Neil Barrett and that crazy motherfucker John Galliano used the fabric in their menswear collections of Autumn/Winter 2011.  It seems some high street shops have taken note, (mainly for women though), with Zara using the fabric for a couple of highly tailored jacket. Cos have taken an all together different approach, creating the cocoon like shapes seen in the Raf Simons and Jill Sanders collections, which were both actually created by Raf himself.  Whereas over at Cos they have one hoody and a jumper in their range.

Now I am not saying you all need to go out and buy all this shit, but the fabric does make sense practically; its durable, custom made for keeping you warm and I personally think it looks somewhat cool.