Crack in the Road

Hailing from Albuquerque, Schleep Boys debut EP sounds of youth.

Taking cues from the landscape of New Mexico, the beats are dry and airy. While not wholly minimal there is a sense of space in the songs. Between the hi-hat trills and hazy synth sounds you can hear the warmth of the desert leaking out.

Lyrically, Schleep Boys deal with a variety of topics. On ‘Apathetic’, the group touch on depression and, well, apathy. This isn’t a typical humourless release though. ‘Riley Interlude’ is a recording of the character from Boondocks and the following track, ‘Riley Freeman’ has enough quirks to be entertaining.

The only mis-step on the EP is ‘Tuesday’, which feels listless in comparison to everything else. ‘Outchea’ finishes the release in fine style though, with an unhinged and energetic hook that ties the EP up nicely.

You can download the ZZZ EP below on a name your price scheme.