Crack in the Road

Who sold their soul to write this? Goddamn.

It’s not often that guitar-pop really hits the nail on the head enough to stick around, but Tell does just that. Vocals cut through enough to hook you in but not enough to dominate, and the hazy guitar feels as bright  but perhaps not as shimmering and luminescent  as a Wild Nothing track. Redspencer aren’t asking you to dance, but that’s exactly what you’ll wanna do. They aren’t asking to get stuck in your head either, but just try and kick ’em out. The Melbourne-based lads (previously of the Gold Coast) have written one of the most charming songs I’ve heard in a long time, and the video for it only bumps that charm up another level.

You can download Tell (plus some of their other tunes) for free from their triple j Unearthed page.