Crack in the Road

Ah summer; how I love your ability to starkly change the landscape of contemporary music in a heartbeat.

Every year, without fail, the longer days, hotter weather and carefree vibes bring with them a musical output quite distinct to the season.

The first cut from Halfway Kid rides that wave quite majestically.

His first cut, Saying Nothing is a hazy and mellow love song. It’s quite charmingly casual in its delivery, a declaration of love in its purest form, shy, timid and unsure of the best way to ask. It’s also distinctly of the moment, stylistically playing on elements of Mo Kolours, Vondelpark and Jungle, to name but a few.

But regardless of the wave he’s riding, both sonically and seasonal; London native Saeed Gadir has a attitude to song writing that’s truer than most.

Halfway Kid has a 5 track EP entitled Patterns dropping later this week followed by the announcement of his first show in the not too distant future.