Crack in the Road

I’m always wary of using the term scene, In fear of throwing artists into an inescapable bracket, but something seems to be brewing in the wind swept city of Minneapolis.

From seasoned synth-poppers POLIÇA the alt-folk of Grand Courriers, there is certainly a scene collective of musicians brewing, with it’s sights firmly set beyond the icy borders of the city.

Adding to this list is the recently formed 5 piece, Warehouse Eyes. Centered around the songwriting duo of Jennie Lahlum and Christopher Williams, they create otherwordly dream pop, comprised of ethereal vocals and chiming guitars. Debut track Tokyo is obvious in its  influence, with vocals reminiscent of The XX and strokes of Beach House throughout, but this does not take away from the fact that it’s a fantastically formed introduction to the band, seeping in dream poppy loveliness.

Stream Tokyo below:

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