I am oversaturated, soaked, exposed out here. I am running scared. Mining ever deeper for some unknown fuel that will set my heart alight again, I am beset by charlatans, sirens, snake oil salesmen peddling a cure that I so sorely want, but so rarely get my quivering hands on. But for now at least, I have found solace in the music of three young women from Copenhagen, calling themselves Baby In Vain.

That they’ve had the moxy to dub the welter of pseudo-western squall and bluesy grind up there Corny #1 is great. Just fucking great. Baby In Vain know they ain’t savin’ your life, they ain’t pullin’ the wool from your eyes, they ain’t reinventin’ the fucking wheel. But our holy mother in heaven, will this whiskey-soaked melee of guitars and drums ever make your rickety hips swing, stoner’s abyssal fuzz subsumed by post-punk treble and sneer. Baby In Vain know their compadres on this neverending road, they nod to their elder statespeople as equals, and they couldn’t give a flying fuck about who you think they sound like. If this is corny, well hell, I couldn’t care a whit for originality.

Baby In Vain play the Old Blue Last on Monday 12th May, with Skinny Girl Diet and The Franklys in tow. Fucken git some.