Crack in the Road

It’s a pleasant feeling to stumble across something really magnificent when you weren’t even looking.

I found London-based 4-piece Wyldeck whilst sheltering from some less-than-magnificent weather at a festival this summer, and was instantly taken with them. Their psychedelic/dark folk sound may not be particularly groundbreaking, but it’s a fusion that they’ve mastered to the point of excelling almost every other act in the psych-folk genre.

Big words, then, but with no exaggeration – their first (and, so far, only) EP is as charming as it is exciting, with hints of Jefferson Airplane poking through during ‘On Your Knees’, whilst lead singer Cece Wyldeck’s gorgeous voice carries the EP’s highlight and closer, ‘Smoke’.

Beyond the recorded stuff, though, Wyldeck shine live. Really, really, really shine. In a way you can’t imagine until you’ve seen it. Again, no exaggeration here – from the very welcome focus on a more psychedelic rock edge during their performances to their sheer presence onstage, they’re, more than anything else, a live band – and if you get even the slightest hint of enjoyment out of this EP, no amount of flowery language or praise can emphasise enough just how much you need to track down a live set by this band.

Check out the EP below.