Crack in the Road

Break It Up are straight out of Philadelphia, so I thought about making a Fresh Prince joke until I realised how incredibly unoriginal that would be.

As raw, attractive and addictive as heroin wrapped in multicoloured paper, Break It Up have something about them that I can’t quite figure out. After releasing their first single Excavate in 2011, the band were named one of Philly radio station WXPN’s “favorite new local acts” yet with only a few hundred likes on Facebook they seem to be largely overlooked by the wider world.

The band released their debut album in June 2013 and it’s a catchy little motherfucker filled with rough-around-the-edges emotion and neat pop hooks. I hear Explosions In The Sky in some of the drumming and guitar progressions and Sleater-Kinney in the vocals, so if either of them are your bag it’s worth streaming the album above or checking it out over on Bandcamp.

Break It Up is drummer Casey Bell and guitarists and vocalists Jen Sperling and Dan Morse. You can find them on Facebook over here.