Crack in the Road

There’s not a great deal out there on canadian pysch-kids Jeremiah Knight (Guitar), Ben Oginz (Synth) and Nick Kervin (Percussion & Bass) AKA MIMICO.

 Hailing from Toronto, they seem to have appeared online sometime in late 2011 and laid relatively low up to now, releasing their first EP on Bandcamp back in May.

Starting as a duo creating ‘long-form experimental pieces’  using a guitar and synth, adding a third member to tighten their arrangements has resulted in a sound that winds across the duration of the EP. One minute squealing guitars and driving beats that need to become the intro to a 80s cop-drama remake, the next spacey tones and oscillating drones and moaning vocals.

Find their EP below (if you can’t fit in the whole thing, pick Astroblade).

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