Crack in the Road

I’m all over Alone like grief and smoke around a funeral pyre.

Reminiscent of an early Why? when it was still just Yoni Wolf’s lovechild, Alone is driven by minimal beats – stripped down and discordant. The Atlanta based project is fronted by lyricist Rico Howard accompanied by Tyler Rowan composing the music under Rico’s guidance.

Crossing the boundary between spoken word and rap, Rico’s lyrics are macabre and fleeting, managing stay vague whilst striking uncomfortably honest and personal notes.

“Flirting with death, thoughts in my head, things that I’ve said, blood that I’ve bled. I hear her calling, In silence and those dreams about falling, the embrace that I’m longing. The missing pieces, my overwhelming sense of belonging”

Alone’s first self-titled track was posted on Bandcamp on 19th of July and yesterday the second track “Obligation” appeared. There’s very little else online but, as always, we’ll keep you posted.

Take a listen below or check out Alone’s facebook page here.

photo credit: seyed mostafa zamani via photopin cc