Crack in the Road

From what I can gather from their tumblr, LA’s FALKS are a duo, partially comprised of AKW member Alex Wisner. With a suspended Twitter account, and a Facebook profile with only two likes (presumably the two girls that make up FALKS); information is perhaps purposefully scarce. The three tracks online so far, taken from a release (quite possible an EP) titled I Got Cold, showcases a fragile yet exquisitely self-assured side to the duo. Take the opening track I Feel Nothing / At Night Part I & II, an introspective, tearful ballad, blending elements of CitR favourite Eddi Front with the raw, early demos of Laura Marling. Blending what I assume are film/TV samples with their own music, in a manner that would make Conor Oberst proud, before slipping gracefully into the line, ‘at night when I see the moon, I know it’s the same one you see too’.

Check out the beautiful video for Ira below, and the full EP underneath that.