Frances Quinlan sounds like she’s always almost about collapse.

It doesn’t matter what she’s yelling, whether it’s the obsessive-destructive “nobody deserves you the way that I do”, or bottomlessly sad like “there are some parents whose children long for divorce”, or getting hopeful with “you are my favourite because you’re a long shot”. It doesn’t matter whether she’s chucking out playground taunts like “my mom says your mom’s a lesbianover a pure pop piano stomp, or turning the nonsensical “the mattress-maker’s making his livin’ by the minute” into the most necessary sentence you’ve ever heard while guitars go napalm and someone approximates a kid hammering at a keyboard. It doesn’t matter if she’s just barely breathing about trouble finding her sleeping and her subsequent journey downstairs, unspecified dread lurking just at the edge of everything. Frances Quinlan has a way of making everything sound like it’s the last thing she’ll ever sing.

With Mark Quinlan and Tyler Long, Frances Quinlan sings and plays guitar in a band from Philadelphia called Hop Along, whose debut full-length Get Disowned is one of the most wonderful, peculiar, addictive, lopsided, explosive collections of songs in an unspecified subgenre of rock music that I have heard in a long, long, long time.

Get Disowned is out now via Big Scary Monsters. Hop Along play the Old Blue Last tonight with The Sidekicks, Muncie Girls and Plaids.