Crack in the Road

Entirely a product of the digital age, elusive producer Unknown has caused a fair amount of fuss amongst blogheads in recent months.

Appearing earlier in the year with the mysterious titled #001, his/her anonymity is either born out of shameless PR or a genuine attempt to detract names, faces and locations from the music. Sadly, with the trick having been played numerous times already with the likes of WU LYF, Faws and Stay +, if you were to pin your money on either, you’d probably mark it down as a slightly pretentious move at gaining promotion. Ultimately, if/when it comes to performing live, the identity of the 21 year old producer will undoubtedly be unveiled.

With an insightful ear for a beat and cautious yet confident approach to developing atmosphere, his tracks adopt and toy with the notions of dubstep and minimal house. Splicing vocal samples and heavy side-chain compression with a Midas touch, Unknown masters the essence of entrancing and wondrous soundscapes. Check out the new #006 and my personal favourite #003 below, and head to his/her Youtube channel for more.