Crack in the Road

One problem that often stems from producing music entirely in your bedroom (or homely confines in general) is that it can come across as rather rigid, and not quite as slick or diverse as retreating into a studio can allow.

San Francisco’s Elle Leatham falls foul to this problem ever so slightly, in that I almost feel like her debut release, entitled Callous, could do with bolder, more expansive production. That said, for what it is, it’s still a bloody brilliant collection of tracks.

Soulful, unique and dazzlingly full of character, there’s moments of Björk-esque grandeur (Modern Confusion) and James Blake styled intimacy, all supported by Elle’s impeccable vocals. As with Blake, Leatham utilizes the silences to inspiring effect, most notably on the layered vocals of Children, with the textured layers adding a depth that is understandably difficult to achieve for a singular person. The beats do occasionally lack a kick, however as previously mentioned, it’s no fault of her own, and given the modest means by which Callous has been produced, it’s a stunning listen. Check out a couple of personal highlights below, and head to Elle’s bandcamp to grab the full release.