Crack in the Road

It’s been a while since something good came out of Leicester (seriously, take a look at Wikipedia. There’s David Attenborough, I suppose, and the guy who played Boba Fett), but after stumbling upon these guys at London’s monthly Communion a while back, I couldn’t help but fall in love. Mixing epic post-rock melodies with some fantastic vocals and just a dash of ambience, these guys really manage to make good their claim that they are a band made for festival main stages – and it probably helps that their live act is absolutely up to scratch too.

Silent Devices have a double-A single out next month, Una/Moire, both of which can be found on their Soundcloud page. But the pinnacle of their unfortunately sparse output is Warm Blood, a track that brings together the best of both post-rock and indie pop. It sounds like an odd combination, but it really, really works.

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