Crack in the Road

One verse.

Eighty five seconds of music. At this moment in time, that is the only trace of Sydney based artist FCUK Normality’s musical existence; but what an eighty five seconds it is. These Moments, coming in at under a minute and a half, is a magical amalgamation of hip hop and ambient inspirations. The vocals sound scarily like Kid Cudi; dry yet vaguely comforting, and providing a welcome comparison to the female vocals in the latter section of the track. Sure, the lyrics are relatively cliched, from ‘Swim deep in the moments that last a life time’ to ‘Be yourself no matter what don’t hide behind your eyes’, however there’s something honorably warm and uplifting about it. With no Facebook, Twitter or LastFM presence adding to FCUK Normality’s mystic, I’m truly excited to hear more from this Australian artist.

Check out These Moments below, and head to the FCUK Normality bandcamp page for a free download.