Crack in the Road

Years after seeing them the first time around in Aberdeen in 2008 The Wombats came to Dundee in March of this year and I knew I had to meet the guys that inspired me to write about music such a long time ago. The gig itself was obviously not to everybody’s taste, but for the people who appreciate the band and the music they play it was a superb performance. They were as energetic as ever and managed to play new songs such as Anti-D and Jump into the Fog with as much precision as their, now, classic songs Moving to New York and Let’s Dance to Joy Division which for a fan was very pleasing. Any sign of their long break between albums was not on show as they played a large number of songs from their new album This Modern Glitch which is due for release later this month. These new songs, in my opinion, are a vast change from their early songs and even from the likes of My Circuitboard City which is most certainly a positive thing after considerable failures from other bands of a similar ilk releasing new albums that are repetitive and lacking in imagination. Anti-D was performed in such an emotive way, with the crowd being taken on a journey through the pitfalls of prescription drugs and it was this song that was the highlight of the night and a cracking single as well. CitR were lucky enough to chat at considerable length to the guys before their gig and this is a section of the interview that was conducted:

 CitR: Which bands or artists would you say influenced you the most when you were younger?

Tord: A lot of things really; bands like Kraftwerk to No FX and a lot of Skate punk and alternative bands like that.

Dan: I liked the same sort of stuff really, but also bands like System of a Down, Metallica and Blink 182.

CitR: If you were not involved in the music industry, what do you think you would be doing?

Dan: I would probably be teaching music in a French school

Tord: I really love working with people so I would probably be working in a home for disabled people like I used to do.

CitR: What is the best show or festival you have ever played at?

There is no particular show that I would say stands above the rest but festivals such as Glastonbury and other European Festivals are always fantastic to play at. We also played on a Berlin rooftop a few weeks ago, it was freezing cold but it was an amazing experience!

CitR: What would you say to any bands or artists that want to get the same success as you achieved?

You have to enjoy what you have and don’t plan ahead, focus on what is important and that is playing music. Do little gigs in front of a couple of people and enjoy it for what it is.

CitR: Can you go into detail about how you achieved the Bleeding Love cover you recorded a couple of years ago?

Dan: It was me and Murph who did the song together as Tord was back in Norway on holiday and we were in Paris seeing some friend and just drank 3 bottles of French wine between us and just went for it.

CitR: What was the best band you have supported and been supported by?

Well we played just before Radiohead came on at a festival so that could mean we supported them I suppose, and that was unbelievable! The best band who have supported us were probably goFASTER>> (a band we chatted to earlier in the day about) or Team Me who are on tour with us this time around.

CitR: What was your most embarrassing moment on stage?

We did a DJ set in Harrowgate a while ago in a school and we hadn’t slept in ages and when we turned up there were people at the front as if it was a gig or something which was really odd. The CDs didn’t work so I just got really embarrassed and hid underneath the DJ booth.

CitR: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Dan: Invisibility

Tord: To Fly

CitR: What are your favourite drinks?

Tord: Fresh juice from a juice extractor or a Mojito if it was an alcoholic choice

Dan: Guava juice and alcoholic drink would be Guinness.

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