Crack in the Road

How time flies.

Yesterday marked the release of Exegesis, Alden Penner’s debut album as a solo artist that we covered back in January. You can stream the full release below or download it from iTunes here.

Recorded mainly at Alden’s Mile End home with help from co-producer Laura Crapo, some of the guitar tracks on Exegesis were recorded in Arcade Fire’s (now former) church studio in Farnham.

Seeing Erik Leijon had already done a great job of a long-form interview with Alden for the Montreal Gazette, I wanted to interview him in a way that was more representative of how his music feels to me – minimal, artistic and pure. So I told Alden to let it flow and we settled on the following:

SG: Past?

SG: Philosophy?
AP: Love of Song

SG: Food?
AP: Thali

SG: Restaurant?
AP: Malhi

SG: Film?
AP: Singin’ in the Rain

SG: Instrument?
AP: Tool.

SG: Faith?
AP: Music.

SG: Fear?
AP: Belief.

SG: Song?
AP: Cassavetes

SG: Singer?
AP: Bowie on Carson.

SG: Art?
AP: Francis Bacon.

SG: Passion?

SG: Life?
AP: Death.

SG: Death?
AP: Dream.

SG: Diamonds?
AP: Tectonic.

SG: Unicorns?
AP: Corny.

SG: Clues?
AP: Who?

SG: Poor Alexander?
AP: Funk to funky.

SG: Hidden Words?
AP: Keys

SG: Hamster Cage?
AP: Larry Kent.

SG: Inspiration?
AP: Anytime anywhere.

SG: Hope?
AP: Divine Justice.

SG: Horror?
AP: Spammy music.

SG: Cera?
AP: Eternal friend.

SG: Lawson?
AP: Golden mic.

SG: Reed?

SG: Montreal?
AP: Place of meeting.

SG: Season?
AP: Tropical.

SG: Social?
AP: At a distance.

SG: Future?
AP: Unfolding.

SG: Exegesis?
AP: A release.