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Firstly, I must apologise for the tardiness of these posts.

Crack in the Road conducted a series of interviews with artists across the Dot to Dot Festival, and it is only now after hours of sifting through material that I have been able to post them. Our interview with Dog is Dead marks the first of several interviews from a fantastic festival, including The Chapman Family and Zane Lowe! Be sure to check out our review of the festival first to get an idea about some of the fantastic new bands we were lucky enough to chat to!

We caught Dog is Dead just after their set in the Council Chambers, and despite an energetic set they did mention that they had ‘partied a bit too hard’ over the past few nights! Originating from Nottingham, the band unsurprisingly gained a hugely positive reception at their Dot to Dot appearance there. However their support extended past their home grown fans, with venues both at Bristol and Manchester being ‘rammed’. Considering that the band began only ‘two years ago as a group of friends’, Dog is Dead have released their debut single ‘Glockenspiel Song’ and if the Manchester audience’s response was anything to go by, Dog is Dead have great successes ahead of them. However this potential is still thankfully grounded, which I couldn’t help but notice as I talked to the band about their past gigging experiences. Telling me that they had ‘done some great shows in London, and some appalling shows’, and that they’d rather ‘play to the bar staff rather than two stuck up bitches’. This honest and genuine ethos is obvious in all aspects of the band, from the raw energy of their live performance to their modest yet spirited personalities. While citing ‘Dire Straits, Paul Simon, and Bowie’ as influences, Dog is Dead summed their music up as complicated pop-music for jazz junkies and choir folk‘. Looking past the tongue-in-cheek nature of this description and you can hear it in their music, simply creating a sound that is natural and honest to a group of friends who decided to make music two years ago.

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