Crack in the Road

Despite increasing its capacity by a whole 50%, this year’s In The Woods festival still managed to sell out lickity-quick.

Now in its seventh year, the tiny woodland festival has seen demand grow and grow, thanks in no small part to its highly independent team carefully selecting the talent, beautiful lighting and captivating art installations that fills their woodland venue.

“So…it’s sold out? Stop banging on about it then, everyone who’s going knows all this”
That’s very true – especially as lots of people who couldn’t go also know all of this – but there are many reasons to still be interested. As tradition, the organisers are staging a Warmup event at Corsica Studios in Elephant & Castle, London on 3rd August. Half live artist performances, half DJ shows, it pits festival curators Laurel Collective alongside last year’s performers Post War Years and Clout!, to offer a taste of what you missed last year (though Anais Mitchell and Alt-J, both acts from last year who aren’t in attendance, should give an added taste of what the festival offers). It also showcases new talent from Eugene McGuinness and the now-performing-solo keyboardist of Micachu and the Shapes, Raisa K, DJing under her solo name alongside…er, Micachu.

Doors open from Seven, and it runs all through the evening until 3am, so this is definitely one to attend. Want more reason? Throughout the night, pairs of tickets will be given away for the now sold out festival in September. Tickets for the warmup event itself are currently available for £12, a bargain for four live performances and enough music to tide you over until 3am.

Schedule and listenable things below, we’ll see you there.


20:00 – Clout!

21:00 – Post War Years

22:00 – Laurel Collective

23:00 – Eugene McGuinness


Spinning Tunes
00:00 – Micachu + Raisa K
01:00 – Nightwave
02:00 – Dauwd

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