The Crack In The Road

Hey, Welcome to The Crack In The Road, this is the first post, just to let you know what this blog is here for and my aims for keeping it up to date. I just thought I'd try and get a proper music blog going, hopefully I'll be able to expand and bring in another couple of writers soon as well, so drop me an email if you are interested, even if you just want to write a small section once a week or even once a month. To begin with I will include album reviews, song recommendations and gig summaries, including photographs I have taken at gigs, I'll leave it open to branching out depending on interest and time I have avaliable. I will be posting MP3's of songs which I mention on the blog, but not entire albums, if you like what you hear, either go and find the album yourself via the wonder that is Google, or even better go out and buy the album! If you are the owner of any of the links posted on this blog, and would like the link removed, please do not hesitate to contact me on my email address at the side of the page. Likewise if you have any other questions or queries, just drop me a line! Happy listening! Josh