Crack in the Road

Canada and Australia really seem to be heaven at the moment when it comes to ambient based music.

Quite fitting really, when both those countries tend to conjure up images of expansive landscapes and picturesque scenery as far as the eye can see. This new EP from 21 year old Sydney native Oliver Tank is a glorious masterpiece of ethereal ballads and intimate pop tracks. Whilst the title Dreams may possibly be the most overused word of 2011, there’s nothing mediocre about the release.

Opening track Up All Night is a James Blake-esque masterpiece, yet succeeds where Blake’s debut LP failed, in creating something tangible and believable. Tank almost weeps “will you teach me how to dance, real slow?” with such emotion that Blake could only wish to inspire. The dubstep influenced beat on Last Night I Heard Everything In Slow Motion perfectly compliments Tank’s silky vocals, allowing the minimalism of the track to be exaggerated splendidly. Check out the two mentioned tracks below, and head over to the Yes Please bandcamp for a full download of Dreams.