Introducing: MAIDS

Having heard some of Mickey Davis's previous output under the Is Home Is moniker (also known as The Olsen Twinns, until being forced to change), it's always been clear that 22 year old from Des Moines has talent in abundance, especially where the atmospherical progression of his music in involved. Teaming up with Danny Heggen (Seedlings) after working together on a remix, MAIDS was born, and on their debut EP Maid Up, they both truly come into their own. Featuring three covers, and two originals, it speaks volumes for both their production capabilities and songwriting talent, that the originals are equally as immersive, if not more so, than the Sparklehorse (Sunshine), The Zombies (Our Year) and M. Ward (Seashell) covers. The closing track to the release, Playing Along, is a beautiful six minute journey, through various dreamstates, relying at differing times on Davis's vocals and their combined production skills. The likes of Seashell pay homage to the qualities of the originals, without ripping them off, taking them into modern, more atmospheric territories, whilst adding their own MAIDS stamp of approval. With these five tracks, MAIDS not only mark their authority as one of the most exciting new acts to emerge this year, but also truly build anticipation for future releases. Check out the Maid Up EP below, and purchase one of the beautiful CDs from their bandcamp and pick me up a t-shirt while you're at it.