Crack in the Road

Early this morning, Black Milk, the Detroit based producer and rapper, released his first music of 2013.

‘Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst’ is a double single from the barsmith, with both tracks set to appear on his next album.

Judging by these songs, Black Milk has substantially improved as a rapper. He was never poor in the first place, but there was always the sense that his lyrics and flow were overshadowed by his beat-making skills. Both parts of ‘Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst’ are quality, but it is the latter part of the song, which begins around the two-minute mark, that’s the highlight. The soul samples seem to channel J Dilla and the track builds, gaining momentum as it progresses.

Black Milk’s album is currently untitled, but is due to be released in the summer and you can hear ‘Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst’ below.