Introducing: Pretty Heart

Quite how Pretty Heart isn’t a name on the lips of every self-proclaimed tastemaker heading into 2013 is completely beyond me.

The project of the gorgeous twenty year old Morgan Holliger from Perrysburg, Ohio, she’s the perfect example of an artist who just needs that one stroke of luck, whether it’s a top A&R stumbling across her music or a single blog post that goes viral, it’s undoubtedly going to happen for her, and sooner rather than later.

With two EPs and a couple of singles to her name, there’s no questioning the talent on display. From intimate, sultry pop numbers to electronic, almost hip-hop inspired gems, Pretty Heart is nigh on the complete package; the soulful voice, the brooding instrumental sections and the stunning image, it’s a crime that she’s not already known to a wider audience. Of all her tracks, what’s even more promising is that her newest release, the quite simply stunning noire pop of Toy, is potentially her finest outing to date, suggesting the future is extremely promising. Check out her two EPs below, Blood / Body and Half Asleep respectively, alongside the sublime Toy.