Crack in the Road

As with most things in life the best things come in pairs, in this case however, one of the pair is seriously letting the side down.

You’ve got an Ed Sheeran? We’ll raise you a Laura Sheeran, the drastically more talented cousin of ‘the man that killed music ©’.

Laura has actually been making music for a quite a while now, with her work steadily making its way to me through her friend in Dublin, a friend I might add, who also makes seriously interesting music. Until now nothing had grabbed me as violently as her latest track, ‘forever love’, a seedy yet seductive synth jam that’s as destructive as it is soothing. It also comes with one of the best DIY videos I’ve seen in a long time.

Forever love is taken from Laura Sheeran’s new album, What the world knows.

Grab more of her music here.