Feature: The Music From Skins (S6, E5)

Feature: The Music From Skins (S6, E5)

Feature: The Music From Skins (S6, E5)

Why are the parents on Skins always randy bastards? Also, I don’t even think that blonde girl is very attractive to be honest.

And she was sick like 100 times.

Alo and Mini in the toilets – Sarah LeichtenbergTake My Body

Playing in the club – Chewy Chocolate CookiesProfondo Rosso (Mixhell Remix)

Mini throws up in the street – Segal Glif
Not available online

Mini hears her mum doing it – Jennifer RushPower Of Love

Mini calls her dad – EmikaDrop The Other

Mini meets her dad – Sun GlittersThe Wind Caresses Her Hair (Albert Swarm Remix)

Mini checks her pregnancy tests – Four TetShe Just Likes To Fight

Alo in Mini’s bed – Alex Winston Velvet Elvis

Mini and Alo in the bedroom – Four TetReversing

Ryan and Mini nearly kiss – PJ HarveyOn Battleship Hill

Mini wakes up at Greg’s house – Pale SketcherCan I Go Now (GONE VERSION)

In the common room – Beck Stormbringer

Classroom – GrimesCrystal Ball

Mini finds her dad’s plane ticket – The Deer Tracks Ram Ram

Cloakroom action – AlunaGeorge You Know You Like It

Mini tells her dad – Lonely Galaxy Heavy

Mini sees her baby – Lanterns On The LakeI Love You, Sleepyhead