Feature: The Music From Skins (S6, E2)

Feature: The Music From Skins (S6, E2)

Feature: The Music From Skins (S6, E2)


Rich and Grace ‘have sex’ – Broken ClockChallenge

Slightly too dance-y for what could have been a fairly emotional scene, yet events later in the episode put the scene in context.

Rich on his bike – Beirut East Harlem

One of the highlights from last years The Rip Tide, and an excellent choice.

Alarm clock in Blood’s house – Katrina and the Waves Walking On Sunshine

Predictable, but I presume that’s what they were going for. Why Rich needed to throw the alarm clock out the window, I do not know.

Rich watches tapes of Grace – Lucy RoseDon’t You Worry

Cute little track, fitted in nicely to the atmosphere of the scene.

Hospital phone holding music – Phil CollinsEasy Lover

Classic, slightly tongue in cheek as well.

Rich sits alone in Grace’s room – Apparat Black Water

Used twice in the episode (see last track), although it’s a truly glorious composition, so you can’t really blame them.

Rich and Alo fight – LorenaGuadalupe Plata

Fuzzy, upbeat rock rather fitting for the comical feel to the ‘fight’.

Rider pulls up in his car – The GamePut You On The Game

Dis-likable, arrogant guy plays dis-likable, arrogant track. Yada yada yada.

Party at Blood’s house – Fuck NorrisWe Are One

Again, horribly contrived yet drenched in sarcasm.

Rich looks for Grace – BoddikaYou Tell Me

A fantastic producer, although perhaps wasn’t the best opportunity to use this track. Could possibly have done with a faster paced composition.

Rich and Grace sex scene – SegalVessels

This Segal guy must have a deal with Skins. A little too Skrillex for me.

Rich discovers Grace has died – ApparatBlack Water

Used again. A fairly moving scene, and a perfectly fitting track.