Crack in the Road

Okay, it took me a couple of weeks to clock this, but the new EP from Samoyed is as stark as it is beautiful.

Like a lost, grizzled, almost Matthew Dear-like tune, the course, uncomfortable electronics flash wildly and unpredictably, as if listening too intently could make you seasick.

Samoyed‘s an interesting one. He doesn’t seem to peak his head over the hill often enough, but when he does it’s damn pleasing. He’s apparently been messing around with Lukid and Tapes recently, which sounds like an exciting proposition in itself. This particular track struck me though – the kind of track that captures melancholic desolation with enough naïvety to not stray too moody (think early Mount Kimbie). It’s whistful. When the vocals come in the tone is set perfectly, and from there it’ll be stuck in your head for hours. At least, it was for me…

Listen to Spit below. Spit EP is out now on 10″/download via Astro:Dynamics.