News: Radiohead to Protest in front of the White House?

News: Radiohead to Protest in front of the White House?

News: Radiohead to Protest in front of the White House?

Approximately 10 minutes ago on the Radiohead website and twitter feed, ‘Doing something #das’ — 10:23 – 24th August.

On the official Radiohead site, an image of protest outside the White House. ‘Free arrest at no extra cost’ reads a message signed by Thom Yorke.

It seems to imply the Radiohead boys will be joining the ever growing throng of celebrities and members of the public outside the White House as part of the as part of an ongoing sit-in, pressuring President Obama to deny a permit for a massive new oil pipeline. The proposed pipeline, Keystone XL, is 1700-mile long stretching from the Alberta Tar Sands to oil refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.

‘This is not a single “day of action”, but instead a wave of daily civil disobedience from August 20th – September 3rd.’ the tar sands protest site reads.

Thom has already voiced his concerns about the Keystone XL pipeline on his site in the past. Just 2 weeks he wrote “President Obama is soon to make a decision on whether to press one of THE big red climate self destruct buttons,” in a post called “Real vs. Astroturf?

A consistent supporter of environmentalism, Thom Yorke supported the climate change documentary, The Age of Stupid by donating Radiohead’s song Reckoner for the end credits. During the Global Premiere, Thom performed the song via a live satellite linkup. Afterwards Yorke lashed out at economic growth, saying, “I think Ed Miliband probably knows this but won’t admit it, as most politicians won’t: that the concept of limitless economic growth is now dead.”

Click here to check out the tar sands oil pipeline protest & sign the petition