Crack in the Road

In anticipation of his Japanese tour, (the Parisian beat-maker is huge over there), Onra has announced a 7′ full of new cuts. Change of Heart is one of the tracks included. The track itself is an 80’s disco inspired treat. Flamboyant yet brooding, the synths reverberate and pulsate around the sultry and empowered central hook.

Sep. 16 – Akita @ Jam House (DJ gig)
Sep. 18 – Niigata @ Give Me Chocolate (DJ gig)
Sep. 22 – Nagoya @ Mago (live)
Sep. 23 – Osaka @ Avenue A (live)
Sep. 30 – Tokyo @ Unit (live & DJ gig)
Oct. 14 – Fukuoka @ Base (DJ gig)

Stream and download the track below.